United We Stand Rego

Dear Parent/Guardian,
Please filled out the form below to give your child permission to attend United We Stand regional event August 18th 2017 at Encounter CC Shepparton, travelling to and from the event via bus provided by Freedom Youth.
By signing the below form you are acknowledging and agreeing to the following: In case of medical emergency, I understand that every effort will be made to contact the listed emergency contact. In the event that they cannot be reached, I hereby authorize and consent to any reasonable medical treatment deemed necessary by staff and leaders. I hereby release all staff and volunteers from any liability and costs incurred in case of accident and/or injury. I understand that if my child is misbehaving and not obeying reasonable rules, I will be contacted to come and collect my child or arrange alternative transport home, at my own costs. I give permission for Freedom Youth to use photos/videos/audio of my child in relation to publicity including but not limited to website, Facebook and physical promotional material.